Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Baby David: The visuals

When we walked in Lady Ultrasound asked how I was feeling.

"I really have to pee." I answered.
She giggled to herself and said she could never do what she asked me to do "at her age".
Then she swore she'd hurry and make sure to let me go if my bladder was full enough to get the higher stuff post potty.

Bless her. Maybe Baby David will also go by Lady Ultrasound every now and then.

Although Aundrea is threatening to call him "Froggy". Because lookit.

Sometimes when Tommy is pantsless I look at his legs and think that he is the most perfect specimen I've ever seen. I can see the perfect shape of his legs, his muscles doing exactly what they should. And looking at this picture of David's perfect little leg, I think the same thing. He is positively perfect.

Lady Ultrasound said "perfect" less times than she said "ok you guys" which is how she started every sentence. But I think that's her problem, not David's.

Remember my weird obsession with adorable feet? It continues.

And this is a spine curl any anesthesiologist would be proud of. Am I right? Somebody? Any anesthesiologists out there? No? I shouldn't have bothered to look up how to spell it right then.

I'm only slightly disappointed that Lady U. never turned on the sound. It means that although I feel this baby's heartbeat on a regular basis, and see it every time we go see Dr. Man, I have yet to hear it. That magical sound, the shwish shwish shwish, fwap fwap fwap. I miss that sound. When I go see Dr. Man for a follow up tomorrow I'm hoping and praying I get to hear that sound. Because I could use more pretty sounds in my life right now.


  1. Awe, great pictures. Isn't that just amazing? I had to pee really bad in my ultra sound too, and they push pretty hard, unpleasant!

  2. cute baby david! love ultrasounds.

  3. hurray for perfect pictures of a perfect nephew!


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