Friday, June 17, 2011


Sometimes when Tommy goes to sleep I have to convince myself to work instead of nap and eat snacks.

Sometimes I shoot the Angry Bird backward just to keep my skills up.

Sometimes I eat more goldfish than Tommy does. Because he feeds them to me.

Sometimes we bribe older kids to come & play with Tommy so he can learn how to put his plate on the counter when he's done eating.

Sometimes I wonder why they don't consider pregnancy an STD.

Sometimes I pretend that my non-pregnant clothes fit. They don't.

Sometimes I have 3 bowls of cereal in one day. Because I'm the mom.

Sometimes Tommy can pull of the "oatmeal dripping from my chin to my diaper" look. Sometimes he can't.

Sometimes Josh and I leave our child with Grandma overnight. And it stresses me beyond all reason. Will he understand I'm not leaving him forever? Will he know that we love him and we're coming back? Will he be scared when he wakes up in a strange place? Will he realize how much cooler grandma is than us? 

Sometimes last night's tv isn't even worth watching on hulu.

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