Monday, June 6, 2011

I think.....

I think that people around us must be looking at Josh & I thinking "they're looking awfully thin - let's fatten them up!" and that's why we wound up with 3 different plates of delicious sweets in one weekend.

I only think that because I refuse to believe that people look at Josh & I and think "they'll probably eat an entire plate of sweets this weekend - they look like they do that".

But the top-secret truth is that in a matter of 48 hours ALL of the delicious sweets have been consumed. And Tommy can only be held responsible for a bite here and there and one brownie for breakfast. Josh held his own, but really Baby David & I (I get to count him right?) ate our weight in sugary treats over the last two days.

Somehow I don't regret even one single bite of it.


  1. Don't feel bad!!! I ate a piece of cake the size of my head tonight.

  2. This cracked me up, Amy. Cracked me up in that husband-turns-off-his-movie-to-find-out-why-I'm-shaking-the-bed-by-laughing way.

  3. Not that you want my input on this, but I like the name David. Randy has a cousin named John David aka JD. Also he has a cousin named David and a bro-in-law, David. All good, respectable people. AND I'm glad to hear people are giving you treats.

  4. I think people looked at you and thought, "they are super nice people, we should take them some treats!" ;)


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