Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Pointless Tag

Platt tagged me. It's funny because I was just thinking how I wish I had something appropriate to share on a blog today, but I don't. I simply don't. So, instead I will be glad to do a pointless tag. :D

Do you think you're hot? Smokin'. Enormously, pregnantly, un-make-up-edly smokin' hot. Wanna see? 

Dead serious. This is what I look like right this second. 

Upload a photo that you're using right now:

I just wasted at least 2 hours on Pinterest. I am currently using this photo to remind myself that someday I'll be so filthy-stinkin' rich that I'll sleep in the middle of the pool instead of spending all my spare time on hold with insurance companies. That's my plan.

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

When was the last time you ate chicken?

Last week. I was feeling fancy so I added a can of chicken to our pasta roni. Josh thought he had died and gone to heaven because (get this) I "cooked". 

The song/songs you've listened to lately:

Tommy and I sing Book of Mormon Stories and Little Bunny Foo-Foo every day. Also I have been listening to an awful lot of the Drop Dead Diva theme song lately. 

What are real people listening to? Yipes! Sometimes I don't realize how lame I am until I blog. Then the lame just comes a-shinin' through.


  1. You're cute. :) Thanks for doing it. Makes me happy. ;) Do you love the show Drop Dead Diva?? I just discovered it a couple of weeks ago and am in love with it!!

  2. The biggest problem with that bedroom is the distance from the closet (where I drop my clothes) to the bed (where I would have to run in order to get warm. And can you really sleep with all that chlorine smell? I'm seriously wondering that...

  3. LOL@ that picture. What is that? Michael Phelps bedroom?? Maybe.. I just found Drop Dead Diva on netflix. Im only a few episodes into the first season- it's cute! :)

  4. I am laughing SO HARD. I want to frame that picture and put it in my house! And put it as my computer wallpaper! SO FUNNY!


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