Sunday, June 5, 2011

Old & Homeless

When Josh and I were newly married, we rented a house from an older couple while they were on a mission. The house was old, the people were old, and we rented it fully furnished, so the furnishings were old too. We LOVED our time in Millcreek, but when we first moved in we giggled a little bit about some of the old people things.

There were chairs everywhere. In the middle of the hallway, around every table, next to ever doorway. Chairs. Places to sit. We joked that it was probably necessary because the walk down the hall from the bedroom to the kitchen was like 35 steps. So probably around step 20 you get tired and need to rest, and thank goodness! There's a chair right there!!!

Now I'm looking around my house and we have chairs everywhere. Folding chairs tucked behind every door, couches, stools and a million other places to sit and rest your feet.

Speaking of getting old and needing a rest, either pregnant is the same as temporary advanced age or I'm old. Either way it's a bit annoying.

First thing in the morning I went to pick up my first ever Bountiful Basket (delicious) and their truck was late, so I asked if they needed help getting stuff put together. I wound up staying to unload a big fat semi-truck full of produce. I hauled big bags of onions, crates of strawberries and grapes, cases of citrus fruit and cantaloupe and even bigger bags of potatoes. Then I helped distribute them into smaller containers.

The whole process took about an hour. And even though it was hard work it never occurred to me that NBE (David we're calling him this week....) might not like it. Until I was driving home and I felt a few contractions. I was fine within 30 minutes of getting home, but really? I'm too old and decrepit to unload a truck of produce? Stupid.

Yesterday Josh was cleaning the carpets. Like moving all the furniture in the whole house and shampooing them.

For some reason he thought Tommy and I wouldn't be helpful to this process (I can't imagine why...) and he banished us to "go do something fun" while he worked his tail off. Really. Worked it off. When I was checking out his butt this morning, it was tailless. Clearly he worked it off.

So Tommy and I walked around the store and outside at the park and outside at the other park and outside between the parks.

It was hot.
Heat + pregnancy = swelling.

Have I ever mentioned how much it sucks to be homeless? A lot.

By the time we were allowed to come home I was far too exhausted to make it clear up the stairs and all I wanted was a chair at the bottom of the stairs so I could rest.

I suppose we can officially say that the whining phase of this pregnancy has begun.


  1. I think your right about old people not walking far and having to sit down to rest. My granny had a lot of chairs in her house.
    Funny post!

  2. If pregnancy is a lot like old age, at least we have good practice while we're young so that we won't be so shocked when we're old.

    Our husbands are going to be like, "What? I'm tired and I've only gone up half a flight of stairs?!" And we'll be like, "Well, what did you expect?"

  3. How did I not see you at Bountiful Baskets?? Probably because you were good enough to help and me...not so much :)

  4. Mmm! I love bountiful baskets! I'm always trying to spread the word.

  5. Oh Fugal you make me laugh. I want to try out Bountiful Baskets. Hopefully soon...


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