Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The empty crib

Back in February I started to write this post because it seemed so strange for me for Tommy to take up the whole bed. Now that he's in a big fat man-bed he's small enough to sleep sideways again.

You probably don't remember back when Tommy was so tiny (and trustworthy) that we stored his stuff in his crib with him.

We'd lay him with his head on a spit cloth and put a few folded swaddling blankets down at his feet for when he needed to be swaddled. Why didn't I take a picture of that? 

Well these days we put him to bed with a blanket (or 2) and a lovey bear (or 2) and because I hate changing the crib sheet so much, we line the mattress with a big fluffy blanket too. Plus he has the biggest fluffiest pillow at his feet.

And when he wakes up he throws it all overboard.

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