Saturday, June 18, 2011

Vacation with Josh

I think I've talked before about how much we love Josh's step-dad Franky. He's a fabulous human being, and we love him dearly.

But here's the problem, he's the one who taught Josh how to go on vacation.

Last night after dinner we fell into bed at 9:30 and Josh was dead asleep by 10:00. I watched How To Train Your Dragon, and read a book.

This morning he started stirring at 5:30, tossing and turning and what-have-you. I had already explained to him that my main goal for this childless vacation was to sleep in to the double digits. So he tossed and turned in bed as an attempt to support my sleeping goals.

At 7 he got up and turned on all the lights and started asking me what we could do today. I recommended he go to the gym, or the steam room, or jump off a cliff. He turned on the noisiest thing in the suite. The jetted tub.

At 7:30 he asked if I'd go play ping pong or air hockey with him. I recommended a silent breakfast, or a movie in the other room, or he jump off a cliff. He opted for a movie in the other room, while he cooks breakfast.

It's now 8:00. Breakfast is not cooked, I am not rested. Josh is not entertained.

I think we're failing vacation.


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