Thursday, August 13, 2009

Last Chance

The belly grows every day. Seriously, I bet if I measured every day (I won't because that's depressing) there is probably significant change daily. Don't worry, I'll never take belly shots more than once a week.

As it grows my body becomes less and less capable of doing seemingly normal things. You know, the basics like sitting, shaving my legs, painting my toes (oh my poor toes!), getting out of the love sac without Josh's help, eating without leaning backward to make room, fitting through doorways, etc.

I'm getting a little nervous because what if I paint my toenails hot pink and then find out that I'll never be able to reach them again? What if I'm stuck with hot pink toes for eternity because I didn't know that was my last chance? It's better when you know it's your last chance. Like prison.

"This is your last meal, what do you want?" Sure there's a lot of pressure in that decision, but at least you have fair warning that it is your last one. You can properly prepare. I'd hate to wake up dead this morning knowing that mac 'n cheese was my last meal and I didn't even know it.

This weekend we're going camping (yes we know it will rain, we're tough...and we're doing it anyway)  and hopefully next weekend we will too. But I can't help wondering if that will be the last camping trip? Is it going to be so horrible that I'll not go (while this pregnant) again? If so we'd better be going to Alexander Lake because it would be a shame for my last camping trip sans-child to be anywhere but my favorite place on earth.

What if this is the last chance and we are camping in the backyard like a bunch of sissies? It really would be tragic.

So I suppose everything* I do for the next 9.5 weeks will have to be the best of the best, you know....just in case it's my last chance.

*"Everything" does not include meals because when you eat 10 times a day there's no way every meal is gonna be "the best" - certainly not for 10 weeks (and certainly not if I'm required to prepare it)!  Also excluded are other everyday occurrences like outfits, movies, and books. Things that really should be "the best" are things that may go quickly, like camping and toenail painting. Also long walks on the beach (in my dreams) and at least 1 full night's sleep (so the dreamy beach walking can begin).


  1. Every pregnant woman is entitled to one final luxury pedicure before she delivers her baby! So paint those toes whatever color you want...Spa Lady will fix it!

  2. Whoa! You just said 9.5 weeks. Let me tell you how much that freaks me out: a lot. I won't tell my husband those words escaped your mouth because he's a little more freaked out than I am right now. :)


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