Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I love you 3 yucky fruit snacks...

Remember that movie where the mom says to her kid, "I love you a million swedish fish" and then the kid says "I love you a million red m&m's" and its sweet because that's a lot a love goin' on?

Well because of that movie Josh and I are always telling each other how much we love each other. "I love you more than green lights on 7th East" "Oh yeah? Well I love you more than a drawer full of clean whites!" "I love you more than Harry Potter" (this week we love Harry Potter...it's a bit of an obsession because Josh is reading listening to the books for the first time).

Yesterday it sortof fell flat because I was sharing my fruit snacks with Josh on the way home and I kept pulling out the yucky flavors.
"Do you want an apple one?" I asked pretending like I was making some major sacrifice by sharing my food with him (which is ordinarily a major sacrifice) but secretly being thrilled that I didn't have to eat the yucky ones before getting to the grapefruit ones.
"Yep!" He said and scarfed it down.
"Do you want a grape one?" I asked still hunting for a grapefruit one.
"Yep!" He almost bit my fingers off with that one he was so excited....
"Do you want a cherry one?" I hate it when there are only yucky flavors in my fruit snacks.
"Mmmhmmmm! 3 in a row? You must sure love me!" The man never fails to notices the major sacrifices I make for him. That's just one reason I really do love him.
"Yep." I answered dejectedly. "I love you 3 yucky fruit snacks."

Somehow it's just not as sweet as it was in the movies.


  1. Hey, so it's a good thing we're friends (not so good that we live so far apart and haven't seen each other since your wedding), but we would totally be able to share all fruit snacks! I think the grapefruit ones are the yucky ones... I'll take all the apple, grape and cherry ones you've got!

  2. You're so cute. :) And you're so funny...those were the good flavors you were giving away!!!

  3. I agree that loving someone a cherry fruit snack isn't a whole lotta love but apple? Wow, now that's a lotta love.

  4. I love What a Girl Wants! Cute movie. And you two are cute.

  5. Chris and I always say "I love you more than I love (fill in the blank)". He knows I REALLY love him when it's more than chocolate. Ü

    P.S. I am about to start listening to Harry Potter for the first time, too. I just got it from the library this weekend. We're too cool.


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