Friday, August 14, 2009

Christmas Music

Some of you just rolled your eyes.

Some of you punched through the computer screen cuz you're so mad at "people like her". (No I will not assume responsibility for that screen or reimburse you for your new one.)

Some of you are secretly jealous that you're not brave enough to admit that you wish you were listening to Christmas music when it's 93 degrees outside.

Some of you are (OK, really just one of you is) living in Cairo and doesn't care about the temperature as much as the fact that it's August and Christmas is still 133 days away.

And one of you (ahem Anna ahem) left me this lovely message on Facebook 2 days ago which got the ball rolling:

 I just wanted you to know that I am listening to Christmas music right now. And I pretty much have been for like 2 months now. So I've got you beat this year. That is all. :)

So, as of this moment I am listening to Christmas Music and you can't stop me! (Go ahead and try, I used to be one of the stoppers, so I already know all of your good reasons not to and they're all stupid and wrong.)

No, I will not listen to it exclusively. Ever. OK. Maybe the day we put up the tree and MAYBE Christmas Eve. But that's it. Today it's a mix of Tim Jannis, Jim Brickman, Dana Cunningham, Jon Schmidt & the like. Because they are actual artists, with albums, that people buy, today counts and that day in June when Josh was singing in the shower doesn't.

Know what's great about Christmas this year?
We'll be a family. A family of 3.

Thomas will still be tiny and totally immune to all of the excitement, but in those quiet moments at home (my very favorite part of Christmas) there will be 3 of us laying under the tree watching the lights twinkle and reflect in each other's eyes.
There will be a stroller to drive around Temple Square while we look at the lights. And a beautiful little bundle of baby wrapped up in a million blankets and a hat.
We'll have a 3rd stocking to drape over the back of the couch.
We'll have an excuse to wrap diapers in something pretty. (Yes Thomas is getting diapers for Christmas. But only if he's really good.)
The toy aisle will matter a little more and the game store will matter a little less.

More than anything, this will be the first Christmas that isn't laced with my declarations that "I can't handle one more Holiday season with no babies." Because this year, our family will be complete.

So, yes. I'm starting to celebrate that beautiful season today.


  1. It's about time you started listening to Christmas music. I was starting to worry.... :)

    We should have a Christmas party now just for fun. Because it would be fun...

  2. I've been thinking about Christmas. I stress about our Christmas letter...and they have this thing about playing Christmas music without lyrics here. It's kind of funny. They love the stuff. :)

  3. hooray for having three this year instead of just two :)

  4. As a friend I just have to inform you that your Chrismas music selection isn't complete until you add John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together. Classic.

    And I love your description of how your new little family will be at Christmas. JJ was 11 days old on our first Christmas together. It really was special.

  5. Aww...this makes me so happy! And I admit that I'm just as guilty...I may or may not have had "I'll Be Home For Christmas" and "Baby, It's Cold Outside" stuck in my head for the past two years.

  6. OK, I admit it. I rolled my eyes. Just a little. But I remember the sweet anticipation of stockings full of Baby Magic and Gerber and Little Tikes toys. So I cannot fault you for listening to the beautiful Christmas music.

    I am dismayed, however, that Voice Male was not on your list. Because "Joy to the World" is so great that it will be played at my funeral, no matter what month I die in!

  7. I am a little behind in my blog reading but just got caught up on yours and don't know where to start with my comments! I love the belly shots (keep 'em coming); I'm glad you guys are not moving to Montana; I'm sorry to hear about Josh's dad (that is one of the hardest things to go through and I'm thinking of you guys!); those hand made booties are so cute; and I love listening to Christmas music anytime of the year. In fact, at church today I opened the hymn book to a chirstmas song and thought that we should sing it in August just to mix things up. :) I love all your posts! You are a great writer!

  8. I'm the one who just barfed at the idea. Will I be compensated? Okay, it's a lie. I didn't barf. I never barf. But just don't ruin Christmas okay? There aren't that many good Christmas songs to begin with and if you listen to them all year it might make you sick.

    But what I really want to tell you is that I'm so excited for your Christmas with Baby Thomas. He will just LOVE it when you try to get his spastic flailing arms to open Christmas presents. CUUUUUTE!


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