Monday, August 10, 2009

Baby Belly: 30 Weeks

Fear not. This week's series of pictures come with narration. But first, a little background:
It was Sunday. I didn't sleep much Saturday night. I was tired. I was grouchy. I wanted to go home. (oh wait. I was home....that sucks.) While getting ready for church I puked my guts out requiring another shower and last minute wardrobe change. When you only own 4 shirts and 2 skirts wasted wardrobe changes make you mad.
Then I went to church, where I sat reverently with my arms folded.
Until I left during the Sacrament Hymn to puke my guts out in a public restroom. Fortunately no wardrobe change required.
Then I came home and slept through Sunday School. Stumbled through my Relief Society lesson and told Josh he had to take a picture of "da belly" before I changed into my pajamas for the rest of eternity. That's when he reminded me that we had family bondage familial obligations to attend to. Then he leaned back on the love sac for my photo shoot. 
"You'd better take more than one because at least 2 of them are always hideous and I'm not getting dressed again. Ever."

"Stop it.  You already took 2 and I'm too tired to pummel you!" (said in my whiniest voice)

"OK. Seriously. Not funny to take pictures of the fat lady." I start to threaten. Josh laughs out loud. He didn't even bother to say "you're not fat, you're beautiful" which is what he should have said. No. He just laughed. Know why? Because he thinks it is funny to take pictures of the fat lady.

"Fine? You wanna belly shot? Here's your belly shot!"  Fortunately nobody was around to take pictures of the blood bath that ensued. 
30 weeks means: 
  • I've forgotten what it feels like when you wake up after 4am for the first time since you fell asleep. 
  • I walk with my whole body. Not just my legs. The trick is to get the belly swinging from side to side hoping that the counterweight will fling my legs in a forward fashion. It looks even more ridiculous than it sounds. 
  • 10 weeks left. 10 is the number of fingers I have. Also the number of fingers Baby Thomas has. Unfortunately 10 is NOT the number of items left on my to-do list.
  • Sitting through 1 hour and 15 minutes of sacrament meeting leaves my bladder aching from the effort.
  • Thomas has started moving much more regularly. He has tiny spasms where he freaks out for like 2 seconds punching everything he can get his tiny fists on. Then he stops as soon as I get all excited to feel him moving. Rude.
  • He's working on the eyesight. Currently 20/400....I'm pretty sure he'd fail the driving test although they passed me and I was totally making stuff up and not reading it. The lady wasn't really listening. Sorta makes me nervous about what other crazies are allowed to drive.


  1. That's a fabulous looking belly! And it seems to have just popped out there! You look wonderful... and I have to agree that by this time in pregnancy and for the rest of the ten weeks you will walk with your whole body, it's good you've got it down so quickly.

  2. Oh my goodness I love the narration and I have to admit I LOVE the one of you standing right above Josh. Mostly I love that you post everything about it. Your blog is so fun. I never know what to write lol. I'm so sorry you still puke though. :( I love ya and I can't wait for baby Thomas.

  3. Josh is the same as whoever got me called to lead the singing in primary while I was pregnant with Ryann. I know they were thinking I'd be a powerful tool for keeping the kids' attention. Just go ahead and imagine "Head Shoulders Knees and Toes" faster! faster! faster!

  4. What??? I missed your lesson again? That stinks. I'm never going to church again. (Until your next lesson!)
    Love the belly shots. Ü

  5. Amy, you're always so funny. I didn't realize it but you and Ashley are due at almost exactly the same time. By the by... I thought y'all moved! Those pictures are still of your place in NSL.

  6. Cute, cute pictures. But I totally understand what you mean about never getting dressed ever again. Seriously, if I could live in a muumuu, I would. Something about bending over to put on pants that totally sucks right now. And then trying to get my shirt to cover the belly...

    Anyway, I'm sorry you're still getting sick. Hopefully it stops after Thomas is born! :)

    I suffer from pregnancy brain SO bad. But I always think to myself (when I remember to) how glad I am that I have forgetfulness and not pukiness.

    Poor, poor Amy!

  7. You two are SOOOO funny, but Josh should really know better!! Thanks for sharing the picts anyway! ;)

  8. Here's my attempt to make you feel better: I just read something that said studies say that morning sickness means a more intelligent baby. If that's the case, you're brewing the next Einstein...and I'm brewing the next high school dropout. :( Remember this next time you've got your head in the MIGHT help you feel a little better?!

  9. Hi, I'm Meleta's niece... just happened to see your blog linked from another cousins blog... Anyway, you're a very entertaining writer, so I hope you don't mind if I check in on you guys from time to time.

  10. You are SO cute! I luv the belly. I haven't read ur blog (or done anything else on a computer) in a month or so, thus I have been playing a bit of catch up. I'm glad ur not moving to Montana, we would miss u guys! And I can't wait to see how awesome of parents you guys are so I can learn some new tricks of being a good parent :)

  11. @ Us Lochers: Welcome! Stop by anytime, I'm curious, which other cousin has a blog that I'm not reading?


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