Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Evidence of my bravery

This morning was the dreaded glucose test. 
I had to drink the nasty lemon-lime syrup water. It wasn't so bad going down (not as thick as I had anticipated) but there it sat in my very empty stomach for an hour. And ew. That's gross.
I swear I could feel it rotting my internal organs eating through my guts and stuff. DEEESGUSTING. The images going through my mind looked something like that cartoon cavity guy. You know the one from Elementary school where they show you what sugar does to your teeth? 
It shows the happy little kid eating a candy bar, then he falls asleep (accidentally and peacefully) without brushing his teeth and suddenly his mouth turns into green-cavity-goblin-central. The bad guys all come crawling out of his gums with their jackhammers and pick axes and start chipping away at the poor kids teeth and he wakes up in the morning with a mouthful of rotten teeth and has to get his cavities filled. You know the one right? 
Come to think of it, that's a very creepy cartoon, I bet someone out there is totally traumatized and scared of sleeping for free of the green-cavity-goblins. Way to go Dentists Around the World. Thanks for that.
Josh was kind enough to take me to the appointment because...well because he always does. But particularly because they'd be drawing my blood and I'm a big sissy. HOWEVER, we made it through the appointment with no tears, no passing out, and this cool "badge of courage".

Since I was so brave, they gave me a purple arm band (purple is for bravery right?) and then Josh took me to Jamba Juice.

The truth is we go to Jamba after every Dr. appointment, because I'm spoiled rotten. Even if I'm not brave I think I'd still get Jamba, but I try to be brave anyway. Just in case.

Other news from Dr. Man:

  • I'm measuring 1 week ahead. That doesn't mean anything, but seems like the kind of thing you should report.
  • Our monthly visits have turned into bi-weekly visits. Dr. Man and I quickly becoming very close friends. Do you think I should invite him over for game night?
  • I'm allowed to walk while Josh jogs if I want to. After the "you're insane if you think you can go wave running" incident, I feel it necessary to ask for permission to do pretty much ANYTHING. "Please may I get in a metal box with wheels and travel at 65 mph twice (home to work and work to home) daily?" "Is it safe to flop down on the love sac at the end of the day or will my baby fall out?" "Will my baby die if I hold my breathe long enough to wash my face in the shower?"
  • Thomas still has a heartbeat. It's amazing how slow it sounded today. He's growing up so fast *tear*.


  1. good thing you didn't have twins you have to have your blood taken all the time. In the hospital they'd do it about every 2 hours. Including nights. Nothing like waking up to a needle in your arm.

  2. You are BRAVE! Way to go! That is THE WORST WORST WORST!!! I failed my first one with Daniel and had to to a second more intense one, AKA starve for even longer and drink more of the ICKY drink and have more blood drawn.
    The worst is over now, labor is nothing compared to the icky glucose test, YUCK! ;)

  3. Good job bein' brave. I think you should wear the purple thing as long as possible.

  4. Holding your breath in the shower? You crack me up!


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