Thursday, August 6, 2009


When Josh and I got married we were amazed and flattered and completely overwhelmed by how many people loved us. Or loved our parents and through the Law of Genetic Relations (yes. that's a real thing. google it.) automatically loved us. We had no idea that many people even knew we existed, but apparently they did because they came to our reception, bought us stuff and offered their love and support as we "joined together to embark on this grand adventurous journey".

This last week has been a lot like that. I am blown away by the people who care about us. Our friends, neighbors, coworkers, ward members and family members have taken care of us and sent their thoughts and prayers (and mint brownies!) our way. They have showed up at our house just to say hello. They've dropped off cards, sent e-mails, plants, and baskets of food and goodies.

We are completely surrounded by people who are kind and giving and generous. People who are willing to help in any way they can. People who, quite frankly, we don't deserve. And for that we are truly grateful.

*OK the Law of Genetic Relations is not a real thing, but I'm curious, did you google it? If so what did you find? I didn't bother because I knew I made it up.


  1. I "binged" it (googling is SO last week) and got nothing.

    This law also works in reverse. People who do not like your parents ALSO do not like you. Furthermore, most people who don't like your parents are not liked BY your parents and therefore I don't have to like them either. Right? Jesus said that, didn't he? No? You're probably right... Jesus said love everyone. I went to primary.

  2. I was totally about to google it, but I finished reading the post first...

    But I think it's a real thing too.

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