Tuesday, August 4, 2009

This is my wife...and this is her belly.

When you stand in a line meeting a bunch of people you've never met and will probably never see again you get to solidify exactly which of the people they care about that you are related to. This was the case at Josh's dad's viewing.

At the beginning of the night it was "I'm...uhh.....well.....uhhhh.....Meleta's........step-son.....and this is Amy......and that's Misty...... She's my sister." People really wanted Josh to be married to Misty for some reason. I can't say I blame them, she's fantastic and beautiful and if I were picking Josh's wife it would be someone cool like her......actually, that's bull crap. I'd pick me for Josh's wife every single time. But Misty is a fantastic catch and Ryan (her husband) is a lucky guy.

Eventually we fell into a slightly more comfortable rhythm of "I'm Ron's oldest son, Josh, and this is my wife Amy." And only a few times did people say "He had another son? I had no idea." Then Misty would introduce herself and her husband which helped a little with the confusion.

Introducing the babies, however, was a whole new experience. I'd be turned talking to someone and suddenly feel Josh's hand on my stomach and the words "Yep, that's us. We're due in October." Proudly escape his lips. Josh and Thomas had more physical contact this weekend than they ever has. I think Josh liked it because he fell asleep last night with his hand on my belly.

Technically they weren't talking to me. Or even ABOUT me. But when someone introduces my belly to a stranger I somehow feel obligated to turn and acknowledge the introduction. So I turn and smile and answer all of the questions."October." "Boy." "Yep. We're excited." and try to politely pass them off to Misty so she can answer the same questions. "December." "Boy." "Yep. We're excited."

It just makes me wonder what it is exactly that makes it appropriate to introduce The Belly. Is it because it's so huge? Is it because there's a living thing in it? It is because it's something you want people to know? Should I start introducing other important body parts?

"Hi. My name is Amy. And this is my knee."
"I'm Josh. I have an elbow."
"Yo. Sup. This is my neck."

Just wondering where to draw the line.


  1. you are hilarious! I'm Megan and have feet... they help me walk and get around. Man I love and miss you.

  2. LOL! Gotta love the pregnant belly! I love being able to actually stick it out and be proud of it for a while though.

  3. And whereas you are completely OK (and almost EXPECTED) to introduce your belly, there are those of us who would do anything to NOT have anyone notice that particular body part. :)

    You hit the nail on the head with this post. I never could understand why perfect strangers thought it was OK to touch my tummy while I was pregnant. It's not OK for you to touch me when I'm NOT pregnant. You don't go touching strangers' babies without permission. What makes you think it's OK while they baby is inside me?

    I'm weird. I can admit it.

  4. I think you should draw the line at the belly. Otherwise its a bit awkward. UNLESS... you get a new knee when you are older, then of course you should show it off since it costs so much. :) I can't believe how soon October will be here! Costumes!! :)

  5. You are so funny Amy. I always know if you post I'm in for a good time.

    Rachel likes to introduce random body parts, but she's 2.

    "Hi Mommy! I has cheeks!"

    "Yup, you do!"

    And then she runs away. Maybe pregnant ladies should just run away, too.

    "Wow! Look at that belly!"

    "Yup, it's big alright, thanks for noticing!"

    And then just take off.

    Today someone asked me if we were having a baby...like in a timid way, as if they were afraid I had a huge stomach tumor or something. It was pretty funny. :)

  6. Hi, I'm Tara. I used to have a backside but (no pun intended) I laughed it off while reading this post. Ü


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