Saturday, August 15, 2009


This week I walked into work and found these beautiful booties on my desk:

I immediately got out my "talking to/like a baby" high pitched squeal and asked Aundrea if she knew where they came from. She didn't. But lookit how tiny these little things are! They're soooo cute and will cover his teeny tiny toes and keep him warm! (are you sensing the squeal? You should be sensing the squeal.)

So, some kind Anonymous left these on my desk and I love them. They made my day. They are handmade and beautiful and soft and somebody is very very generous. But how do you deliver a thank you card to Anonymous?

On a blog:
"Dear Anonymous. Thank you for these booties. You have an amazing talent and I'm honored that you would share it with me! Love, Amy and Baby Thomas"

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