Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ear in the hole

When Josh started school for Massage Therapy I got all kinds of excited about how I'd get free massages all the time.

Then I remembered that we're busy people and don't have time for free massages all the time.
Then I remembered that a face in the hole massage is a rare (but beautiful) treat.
Then we found out I was pregnant.
Then I got excited about having a regular real live face in the hole massage. Which never really happened.
Then I grew a belly.
And last night I had my very first, real-live, pregnant-lady, enya-playing, ear-in-the-hole, massage.

I didn't know how bad I hurt until I crawled into bed feeling like I could lay down pretty much any way I wanted to. Nothing hurt. From my head to my toes I was relaxed and comfortable and happy. My swollen feet felt less swollen, my lower back felt less stressed, my ginormous belly felt.....OK it was still ginormous, but kinda cuter.

And that's just one more reason I love my massage-therapist of a husband. You're jealous huh?


  1. Lucky you!!! I love massages they really help when you're pregnant and even when you're not! I got a couple of massages when I was pregnant too I really enjoyed them. I really had a hard time because my sciatic nerve hurt ALL the time and sometimes I would even trip, it was bad! I'm glad you were able to enjoy at least one night :)

  2. I AM jealous, but only for another year. (If I start to cry, just remind me of this, OK?)

  3. Way to go Josh. What a good skill you have.

  4. Oh that sounds so nice! What a great husband!

  5. Yes. Very jealous. I need to marry me a man like that...


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