Thursday, May 3, 2007


It's official. Josh is now signed up at UCMT. That is some seriously expensive schooling - but it's all inclusive, which is nice. We went last night to meet with the enrollment dude, which turned into a 3 hour meeting/application/form-filling-out session. Wow, they ask a lot of questions. So, we signed him up and he starts May 21st. We applied for financial aid - we got 0 grants and like $10,000 in loans. We still have to pay $150/month while he's in school, then start paying back student loans. I think that's the first time Josh has ever been in debt and it kinda freaks him out, but I think it's still exciting. It's gonna be a REALLY rough schedule, but I think we'll live right through it. I'll work more, and he'll go to school more and we'll just have very little "hanging out" time, which will be a change from now. It seems like now we get to do whatever we want, and even though we're busy, we have plenty of time to do things, which is fun. So, now we'll be grown-ups and move on with our lives. Wish us luck!

This morning we were driving to work (we because Josh's truck is being fixed again (yay!)) and driving up State Street downtown, and there was a bus stopped in the middle of the road in the right lane (like they do when they're picking people up). I kept driving past it and saw this old blind lady crossing state street in the middle of the road, and almost hit her! It was exactly like that old lady in Mulan when she crosses with the cricket, only this lady had no lucky cricket and almost got killed. She's just crossing the street with her walker in the middle of a very busy trafficy road! Ak! That's scary! Anyway, now I have mulan songs in my head. For that reason Mulan is now on my soundtrack - that's funny and I don't care who you are.

I just had another chat with Gabe about work. He's definitely leaving and will need a secretary to handle his life for him - professional and personal. So, if any of you know anybody looking for part time clerical, light accounting, real estate, legal assisting work downtown, let me know! It'll probably be about 20 hours a week.

I also talked to Josh and we get to fix the truck again! Aparently there's a hole in the radiator, and that's bad. So we have to fix it for like $600. That's fun eh? Actually I think it will work out quite well because Josh's mileage reimbursement check didn't come at the beginning of April, so we've just kinda lived without it and now it can just go toward fixing the truck, yay! I like fixing the truck. So, you see, life works out. I'm glad to know that things just work out and that we are both capable of being independent and taking care of ourselves. We've definitely been blessed.

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