Monday, March 31, 2008

Face in the hole

Every time people ask "what we're doing in life" we tell them Josh is currently in massage school and we both work. WITHOUT fail people always respond with variations of "you're so lucky!" "what a fantastic hookup" "that's got to be nice for you!" all of these comments are directed at me. And I have to admit that's what I first thought when Josh wanted to go to massage school. (and he thought I was just being supportive of his dreams ha!) However, every time I get these reactions, I immediately report that I never get a massage because he's ALWAYS in school, and when he's not, he's too tired or busy studying for me to enjoy the fruits of his labor.

I secretly think it kinda bugs him that I say that - like I think he doesn't pay attention to me or something which isn't it at all. I just don't get a weekly massage like people (including myself) think I do/should. And I think I'm justified in my reaction because he's given me 2 massages. Ever. Since he started school an entire year ago.

Last week he was rubbing my shoulders because they hurt and I told him that I really wanted a massage. He looked at me like something was growing out of my head "that's what I'm doing!" he said defensively. I had no idea he thought that counted as a massage. In my mind, a "massage" means he busts out his table (which is currently gathering dust in my office), lotion, candles and Enya and spends at least half an hour not paying attention to anything but me and my aching muscles. (As I write this I suddenly realize that I sound incredibly spoiled and whiny. You should know that I don't expect a regular full blown massage, I realize that's what he does for his work and he can easily get sick of it. I don't expect it, I just enjoy it when it happens.)

From this experience we've coined the phrase "real-live face-in-the-hole massage". We're always trying to better our communication and be more specific to avoid unnecessary discussions (read: fights). So, now I properly ask for a "real-live face-in-the-hole massage", and amazingly, this week I got one! I'm still amazed that sometimes I get what I want simply by asking for it.

I'm also amazed at how good my husband is at what he does. I sometimes forget that he's not a high school boyfriend, whose prime skills have to do with CD players and skateboards, and that he's a grown up who is good at things. It makes me so proud of him! And, even though I'm just the tinsiest bit biased, I have to say he is VERY good at massage therapy.

He's good at a lot of things actually. He's good at fixing stuff, seeing how stuff works, and building things (not to mention your typical man-jobs i.e. reaching high things, carrying heavy things, and opening the pickle jar and stuck on finger nail polish). He did a ton of work on his truck (may the truck rest in peace). He builds things. He can do tile. He is learning more about computers (thank you Redbox) and programming. He can fix the sink when I fill it with potato peels (not that I'm allowed to do that ever again). He can fix my emotional issues and knows a lot about physical health too. I have to say, I really do have the best husband of all time.

I'd like to go on record as saying that he does sometimes give me real-live face-in-the-hole massage and even if he doesn't do it often it's well worth the wait.

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