Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Time for a poll.

Josh and I got breakfast at Carl’s Jr. today (post Dr. appointment because I didn’t wanna puke there….) and while waiting for our breakfast, my very rebellious husband did something appalling.
Whoever was there before us filled out the comment card. In the notes section it said “bad bad really bad excuse for music.” I happen to agree with anonymous commenter. I’m just not THAT big a fan of “Hero” and “Dust in the Wind” although Josh really is. (a big fan, not “dust in the wind”.) Anyway, Josh immediately picked up the comment card, and the tiny pencil and scribbled out each word individually. Seriously. He scribbled it out! Then, below anonymous commenter’s black splotches, he wrote “have a nice day”.
Was this action:
  • Morally wrong. You can’t just disregard somebody’s comments. If you wanna leave your own, get your own card! You don’t get to say your comments are more important than somebody else’s.
  • Totally normal and justified. If they wanted the comment to be read, they should have put it in the “place comments here” box. Clearly they didn’t care if anybody read it or not.
  • Neither. You’re both crazy because everybody knows that the bottom of that box is a shredder anyway. And nobody cares. 

Please vote above.  Because even though I’d like to be as cool as Light Refreshments Served, I can’t put a poll in the post….. I’m lame.


  1. I have to say neither, just because Mark and I both laughed out loud at the shredder comment.

  2. Josh did that???!!! Wow. He's brave. What if he got caught?

  3. Okay, Miss Smarty Pants of a girl out with something. See how in this post you have "Light Refreshments Served" highlighted? So that I could just click on that and go to their blog? HOW DO YOU DO THAT??? the heck to you do the links?

    I'm not so smart and I can't figure it out. PLEASE HELP! :) you can email me if you want:



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