Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Sunday night as we were leaving my mom's house, I had this crazy dizzy spell and started to feel really weak. We made it home OK, and I eventually fell asleep.

Monday morning I couldn't get my head off the pillow. I couldn't do it. And every time I tried I fell over, puked, or passed out. I spent the entire day in bed. Literally. Josh didn't have to work, so he (of course) doted on me hand and foot. He held my hand, brought me juice, and asked if I wanted to go to the Dr. I didn't. 

After spending 19 hours in. a. row. in bed. Sleeping for most of them, I woke up and watched a little tv. By 9:30 I was exhausted (you know...from all the sitting around...) and went back to bed. 

This morning, I suppose you could say I was really just hung over, but after getting up and getting ready for work, I started again with the uncontrollable puking and dizziness. For me, that equals another sick day. If I can feel the nausea coming on and make it wait until I'm ready, it's one thing, but randomly spewing everywhere is not appropriate OR professional work behavior. Even if I'm not contagious, it's not OK to share that.

I called my Dr. who thought I was probably fine until my regularly scheduled appointment tomorrow morning. I agree, but it was nice to have him back me up.

All in all, today was much more productive. Yes, it took me 8 hours, but today I opened my windows (what a beautiful day!), made 1 tiny loaf of banana bread (smells horrible...Josh thinks it tastes good though...), and folded two loads of laundry. Normally that's a lazy night AFTER a full day's work, but today it took all I had to do that much. Lucky for me, Josh pretended it was a big deal, and that made me feel good. I'm sure glad to be married to him.

In all, it's been a relatively productive day, and tomorrow morning I get to go see Dr. Man, and he'll take my blood (again) and we'll get to see our baby. Dr. Man promised that this week instead of looking like a blob, it'll actually look like a baby. I'm not sure I believe that, because my BabyCenter picture still looks like a floating bundle of alien. On the plus side Baby Egbert is no longer sporting a tail, and has eyelids that are fused shut - at least for the next 27 weeks.


  1. I'm so sorry you're so sick!! NO FUN!! And- I thought you played the piano GREAT tonight- I was going to tell you that when you came back to the table but.... :) We missed you the rest of the night! I hope you get feeling better soon!

  2. Awww...poor girl! I wish there was something I could do to help. Let me know if I can help you out!

  3. Too bad the last post didn't last longer! Oh man, I wish there was something wonderful and inspirational I could tell ya' but unfortunately all I can say is hopefully the second and third trimester's are much better. If not, I promise the baby will still be worth all the "trouble"!

  4. That sounds horrible! If anything, when I read your blog I feel a lot better about my current situation. :) That probably doesn't help...

    Perhaps the second trimester will be better for you. :)

  5. Let me know what the dr man says okay? I'm thinking there HAS to be something they can do for this. I'm also wondering since Ryann threw up Sunday night if it was a little stomach bug on top of the pregnant condition.

  6. Drat, Amy. That stinks!!! I'm sorry your so sick. I hope you can feel better soon. Heather was major sick during her pregnancies too, YUCK!! How many weeks are you?

  7. Morning sickness is yucky. Just hold on to the hope that it will all be better soon :) My babies eyes just opened...27 weeks later :) YAY! :)

  8. I feel your pain. :) Could what I had be contagious? Maybe it jumped across the street and stayed dormant until you went to visit on Sunday???

  9. I'm sure you have tried this...but...have you tried a B6 vitamin and a Unisom? That really helped me a lot. Also, if you're going to puck all day, applesauce tastes the best coming back up.


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