Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What a great weekend!

On Friday I started a new prenatal, which was "money back guaranteed" to help me stop puking. It sounds like a good thing, and I figured I can't really get worse, so I figured I had nothin' to lose. To my pleasant surprise, I didn't even puke once on Saturday. Or Sunday.

Saturday I went to the temple (for the first time in months...) and it was fantastic. It was good to see everyone again, and to feel like I had something to offer instead of just sitting around the house all day with the garbage can in my face. I love feeling productive.

Saturday night we had a pizza party with the Marshes, which is always fun. We played games, we ate pitza, we hung out with Ryann and went looking for the pot of gold the leprechaun stole. My sister is so dang cool.

Sunday we went to church with the Marshes and spent the rest of the day with my parents which was really fantastic. My mom even forgot to make the pilaf, which meant I got mashed potatoes and I was one happy girl.

All in all, we had a fantastic weekend. I felt much better than normal, and we were surrounded by my family, who I love. How could it possibly get better than that?

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  1. I think one way it could have been better is if there were more treats and less heartburn. ; ) Man, I may be past the pukin' phase but I'm fully immersed in the heartburn phase now.


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