Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Oh to be young again.

Last week was Reilley Sunday. I love Reilley Sunday. We eat good food, have good conversation, play good games, I love it. Plus Josh's parents (the Reilleys) live in this fantastic little neighborhood. In a cul-de-sac right by a park, with sidewalks and nice neighbors,  it's perfect for Sunday afternoon walks.
This week I was feeling a little antsy, and it was such a beautiful day outside that I begged Josh to go on a walk with me. Problem was he wasn’t really in the mood. So we played more games inside.
During our last round of Rummikub Braden was dancing in his chair, jumping up and down all over the place and getting up to wander around the house between every turn. This may or may not have been related to our complete disregard for the “2 minute” rule.  Anyway, he and I both needed a walk, so I asked if he’d go on a walk with me after the game since Josh wouldn’t. He said yes. Just one more reason I love that kid.
By the time the game was over, we were all going on the walk. Even Josh. :)
Cami drove because she has to have hours of driving before she can have her license, and Megan was teaching her how to drive a stick, so they met us over at the elementary school. We found a (kind of flat) four-square ball and played that for a while, we swung, Braden, Megan  and Josh had a “who can zipline the farthest” contest, and then we all shook each other’s brains out on some crazy jumpy toy.
Mostly it made me miss elementary school. Remember getting recess every day? Being required to go outside, run around, and get some fresh air? Remember the games of tag? Hopscotch? And 4-square “Asbury rules!”? I loved most of my elementary school career – sure I had my bad moments, I was awkward, and kinda icky looking (how many 3rd graders do you know with braces?), but I had friends who either ignored that or didn’t care. I got made fun of just like any other kid, and I played by myself plenty of days.  I got in fights with my friends, and one time a Seagull pooped right down the back of my shoe during field day. But for the most part, I enjoyed it. I had great teachers, good friends, and a fantastic playground.  
In fact, I’m still certain that the playground I grew up on was the greatest playground ever built. We had monkey-bars, and spinny-go-pukey and everything was made of metal instead of plastic. That means that even my daddy played with us on them. The slide was HUGE and you didn’t have to push yourself down it, gravity worked better back then. We had teeter totters when I first started school – they were taken away before I graduated. Shortly after, everything was replaced with plastic and ground up tires instead of steel bars and asphalt. Something about a safety hazard?
I always knew I’d have good memories of Elementary School, and even practiced some of the things I’d tell my kids about it. Like how I lived so long ago that I really did “walk to school uphill both ways”.  This is actually true, there is a huge hallow between the house I grew up in and the elementary school ½ mile away. I also walked downhill to school both ways…..but that doesn’t really sound as cool.
I remember a few mornings that I went to school with wet hair and it froze during the walk there. One time I broke off a tiny piece of my hair like an icicle and made sure to remember that forever so I could brag about it later. “I walked to school, uphill both ways, when it was so cold my hair froze! Ha! Your life is easy!” Eat THAT kiddos.
I really miss the playground – maybe when I grow up and I can be a recess lady….. In the meantime, maybe the Church Office Building will replace a flower bed with a playground and start letting us have recess twice a day…..I’ll keep you posted.


  1. I LOVE elementary school and recess! It's super fun to have a kid in elementary school to kind of relive it. I should visit for recess!

  2. I loved elementary school, but not so much recess. I know, I'm weird that way. It might have something to do with crashing into walls while simply walking down the hall. There was nothing I could do well at recess.

    I want our children to spend time outside; but really, I'd rather hang out indoors (constant temperatures are our friends!) with a good book.

    Maybe the COB would provide an indoor playground just for me. I'd settle for a gym, some cool music, and an aerobics step.

  3. Wait a minute did you forget about Mrs. Walker? I'm SURE we didn't like her...
    I remember when they replaced everything...I hated the ground up tires...rude!!!
    But good memories good memories...

  4. I'm thinking the church would really go for that. Sure there's a hiring freeze and playgrounds can be costly, but you've got to take care of the employees! I'm thinking health insurance rates should go down if you start having recess. Who's your boss? I'll write a letter.

  5. haha! The playground outside of the church office bldg. Hmmmm...makes sense:)
    I too was pooped on by a seagull but I was in high school.
    Did you ever play "Butts Up" in elementary school? It was a blast until they banned it because Jimmy Flindt(you don't know him) got hit in the eye with a tennis ball while playing it. Good times!

  6. Yeah, we played it too, but we called it "butt ball" just until it got banned.... :)

  7. I loved this post. It totally took me back to my childhood. I remember my hair freezing when I walked to school, too. It's a shame I never broke a piece of it off so I could brag about it. :(


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