Monday, March 2, 2009

The battle continues

I think babies want their moms to stay home with them. In fact, I’m convinced that our baby decided just yesterday that the best way to make this happen was to force my head into the toilet bowl for at least 15 minutes. Those 15 minutes being 8:55 – 9:10. Church starts at 9:00. Once again, Baby gets what Baby wants. Ever since we got married we knew our child would be spoiled. Little did I know that Baby run my life from the time of conception.
The problem is that now Baby thinks that making me puke will earn me and Baby a day at home, lounging in my bathrobe doing nothing but eating and sleeping. And breaking the Sabbath by watching Monk.
Well Baby. Just like you can’t have Tater Tots for lunch anymore – I’m at work today and you will no longer be rewarded for playing with my gag reflex. That’s just not how it’s gonna work around here. 


  1. Way to stick to your guns and be the boss. You show that baby!

  2. Vitamin B6 and works like a charm! But it can make waking up a bit rough!


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