Sunday, March 29, 2009

I heart the underdog.

I have a thing for the underdog in almost every situation. I always want the ugly girl to be prom queen, the little guys to win the big football game, and the kid who always gets picked last to get  picked first when it really counts.

I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in those things, but I think my underdog loving might go a little farther than most.

I kinda hope this snow cover lasts through the day....I know there's not a lot of chance of all 3 inches staying on the lawn, especially not when the sun is bursting through the clouds like it is right now, but I'm still rooting (is that the right way to spell it?) for it.

However, I also hope the flowers survive this crazy spring snow-storm.

Which underdog am I hoping really wins? I'm torn.


  1. Lets hope the flowers survive...that's a good one to root for. :)

  2. The snow!!!!! Go for the snow!!!!!

  3. Go, Flowers! It's time for spring!

  4. Bleh. You're fired for cheering for snow in the first place. That's only okay to do in December.


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