Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sing like a girl....

I used to have this friend, we’ll call her Carly, because that was her name. She and I were inseparable, and did everything together. That meant that I also got to know her parents pretty well – because I practically lived at their house. They were so good to me….it’s a wonder they didn’t boot me out on my ear or make me pay them rent.
Carly’s dad, we’ll call him Joe, because that was his name, had this fantastic habit of making up new lyrics to songs. And he’d sing along with the radio pretty much all the time. He was the cool dad. In fact, he was so cool that when he’d flip through the stations on the radio, if he didn’t find anything he liked, he’d tear the face off the radio (I’m pretty sure they were rich because they had a fancy enough car that the radio face would tear off….I don’t think this was common at the time, but maybe it was common in minivans but not in 1985 station wagons…I didn’t really have anything else to compare with.) and he’d throw it in the backseat. I thought that was cool.
A couple of my favorite that he’d sing were
“Walk Like A Man” by Frankie Vallie, which was now “Walk like a man, sing like a girl…..” and oh! could Joe ‘sing like a girl’. He was so cool.
“Fly” by Sugar Ray changed from “all around the world, statues crumble for me…who knows how long I’ve loved you….I just wanna fly…” to “all around the world, statues crumble ‘neath me…who knows how much I weigh…..I just want some pie…”
This story really has no relevance except that Pandora just played Walk Like a Man, and now I can’t stop singing like a girl in my head.  


  1. Hey...I remember Carly. What's she up to? Thanks for reminding me about her. Mm. Good times.

  2. Haha...I love Carly. Never met Joe though. So out of touch...what the heck is she up to these days?

  3. I love random memories!!! And now I have "walk like an egyptian" stuck in my head...all because of "walk like a man"

    thanks ever so much!


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