Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dear Internet

Remember when I got married any everybody wanted to give me a free list of everything I needed to do and when I needed to do it? Me too.

Why don't they have that for the baby? I can see what the child in my womb looks like at every day of the pregnancy. I can read what will happen to me, at every stage and how long it will take. I can go to the Dr. and get a picture taken of my baby which he will give me a copy of to take home. Before my baby is born I'll know how much it weighs, how big it's head is, and whether it's a boy or girl.

So why is it so hard for the Internet to give me a list of things to do in a beautiful dated layout? Why won't anyone say "buy this before this day, schedule this on this day, paint the walls before your enormous belly puts big round marks in your fresh paint because it's bigger than your arms can reach." Where is my to-do list? I can't possibly be the only human on the planet who would like to plan these things, can I? Google has failed me and I'm totally lost.


  1. are you on twitter? the geeks are and they give out those lists. You might want to try it :)

  2. You're so cute! I never thought of having a list for all that stuff. lol

  3. i love you!
    Just breathe! things will come to you and everything will work out perfectly :)
    one tip ill give you- shop sales. the baby will poop and puke on 99% of everything they wear.. shop sales! :) also you will get TONS for your shower :) ask for larger sizes as well because once they get to kason's age you wont have anything, but when he was a new born he had so many clothes he didnt wear them all!
    again no stress just breathe!

  4. Second hand store are GREAT for items like clothes and bedding, etc. Just be careful of getting things like strollers, used cribs, and carseats from them (use sales for those). You could always have a "diaper shower" and just have people bring diapers of all sizes and that will help in that department.

    Breath, everything will be fine, I promise!

  5. i don't know. but if you find one, PLEASE share :)

  6. I think you have some business potential here...

  7. try www.thebump.com

    By the way, I know we haven't met, I found your blog through Wendi O'Brien Mott. I was good friends w/ Josh in high school.

    Good luck on your pregnancy.


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