Monday, February 2, 2009

If nothing else....

It seems that these pills are preparing me for pregnancy, and I don’t like it. I’m trying not to complain, because 1. It’s my choice, and 2. I’m so dang relieved to have a solution that I’m really not that sad about it.
However, I AM really annoyed.
I don’t feel good and I puke entirely too often.
I crave things like nobody’s business. Spaghettio’s and fake grilled cheese anyone?
I feel the need to eat CONSTANTLY and then I puke. Just looked at the clock. I’m starving. I ate 2 hours ago. STARVING! I have a direct line to the vending machine – do you think if I had a really long stick I could use it from my desk? Must look into that.
I’m tired all the time. Keeping my eyes open past 9:30 is pushin’ it. And if I had my way I’d sleep at least until 8am. Come to think of it, I could really go for a nap right now.
I am insanely emotional and whiney. (but let’s face it, some personality traits are eternal….is that old yet? probably.)
If this is pregnancy, sign me up! I won’t like it, but I’ll do it anyway….and I’ll whine about it the entire time.


  1. Poor thing! I hope they are at least gonna do the trick if they're making you that sick! Make sure you check with your doctor to make sure all this is normal for this medication.

  2. It is very normal for Metformin (I think that is what you said you were on). You might want to get your blood sugar checked though. It is probably taking you too low. Try some glucose tabs see if that helps. You might also try adding some whole carbs with some protein. It is rough though, I know from expierience.
    P.S. Don't take it too long. It ended up not working for me and I suffered for 3 mos with them. I then took Clomid 1/2 dose for a month and the full dose the next month. The Clomid full ended up working the first month. Have faith it will all work out!

  3. That sound about right for the first trimester of pregnancy. I'm SO sorry that you have to experience it. YUCK!! But... of coarse, worth it in the long run. ;)

  4. That sounds EXACTLY like my first trimester!! My doc gave me some anti-nausea pills that made life SOOO much better! Can you take some with the pills? I bet it'd make you much happier! Now if they could just come up with a cure for the constant need to SLEEP...

  5. Amy, I think the cure for the constant need to sleep is to constantly sleep. At least that's my approach ; )

    I had no idea you were suffering this much--had to read your blog to find out! And you know what it takes for me to read your blog? First I have to go through all my emails to try to find the address again and then I have to type Amy Egbert Blog into a google search since I couldn't find it in my email. Also, before this happens, I have to be "done" with facebook with the kids napping and me not napping. So you see, your whining is really very very quiet. Like a whisper. You gotta be louder if you want more sympathy!

  6. not stalkerish at all :) i'm glad you found me!

    sounds like these pills are preparing you for your first trimester, at least. and whining is ok. i'm sure your hubby doesn't mind at all considering what you're doing for your little family!


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