Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What the baby wants, the baby gets

I know that as you have more kids you learn new things to do and what not to do. I've only known about this baby for 4 days, and already I have a correction for next time.

I'm going to drag out the "the baby wants" phrase longer. It was worn out by Sunday afternoon.

"The baby wants you to hold me."
"The baby wants a drink of water."
"The baby wants you to stop buggin' me."
"The baby wants Cafe Rio and a chick flick."
"The baby wants to play Monopoly instead of Settlers."

I have to say, so far this is one highly intelligent baby. Unfortunately Josh and I are already sick of what "the baby wants" and now it turns into what "the baby needs" and we have a lot of changing to do in the next 8 months. (I think it's cheating that they count the first month before you even know. Then they tell you that you have/had 9 months to prepare but really...you didn't. I want my month back. Must remember this when it's been 9 3/4 months and I'm mad that it really takes that long to develop.)

The baby needs the massage room to be a nursery. But we need the money the massage room makes, and the storage stuff that's living in the closet, so we'll put it off as long as possible. I bet this isn't very long....

The baby needs a crib, stroller, carseat, clothes, diapers, a rocking chair, and blankets. We need to figure out how we'll survive. You know. Financially. It's funny to look at the people in our neighborhood which is FULL of dads who go to work, and moms who stay home.  Where do these men work? How can they afford houses so much bigger/better/nicer than ours, decorations for these houses, clothes (and trendy ones too!)  for themselves, their kids, and their dogs, AND eat 3 meals a day? I'm having a tough time with the math on this one....and I'm starting to suspect everyone I see of being a drug dealer.

The baby needs a nap. Roughly 4 times a day. Unfortunately the baby doesn't nap without me. So I need a nap. 4 times a day.

The baby needs to go to the Dr. A lot of times. And then the baby needs to live in the hospital for a little while. Remember the deal with all the money?

It was more fun when all we cared about was what the baby wanted. Cafe Rio. And Chick Flicks.


  1. Yes, the baby does NEED a lot of things...luckily you also have 9 months to get it all together. You don't have to get everything all at once...but the expenses never do stop. Sorry about that...Congrats!

  2. You're too cute. I would milk that line as long as possible. Soon it will turn into "the baby has taken all my brain cells" because that will TOTALLY happen!

    Take your time with nursery and stuff. You will have a baby shower to get lots of stuff! And the baby will probably sleep in your room for the first few months anyway. Maybe set up a curtain to divide the nursery into a nursery/massage room for even after the baby moves into the nursery (just don't schedule massages for baby's nap time). Just some suggestions.

    BTW: Financially it is difficult and maybe your neighbors are drug dealers (might want to make a MANDITORY drug screening for any neighbors that want to come call on the baby!) LOL

  3. You know what....it all works out, trust me. I never know how, I never know when but it does. I am with your other friend, the baby sleeps in your room the first 3-6 mos anyway. Don't sweat the small stuff. You will be surprised how much stuff people give you. As for staying home, that is the ideal I hope it all works out for that. For us I had to work for the first year and a half of Keatons life. It was horrible, I don't wish it on anyone, BUT we made it, and surprisingly enough he has not suffered because of it. I had great babysitters, and I knew our goal to get me home. It happens eventually. I love your honesty....thanks for sharing again. We will keep you in our prayers.

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  6. Drug dealing? Why didn't I think of that? It's either that or multi-level marketing to support this baby in a few months, and I think I might feel better about dealing drugs. ;)

  7. I have those same thoughts about money as you :) That's why I decided to quit losing sleep over it and just go back to work part time! But oh I'd so much rather stay home....

  8. Babies do need alot of stuff, I think half the stuff in our apartment is Joshua's. May I suggest Walmart. I usually buy the packs of onesies and just put pants over them (the pants that come in the pack). People comment on how cute his clothes are and I paid about $10 for 4-5 shirts. You may also want to try DI and see what furniture they sell. I think you can get a NEW crib mattress for $40-50. Just hunt around you have a while until you get there.

  9. Eh, stay home and live on beans and rice. If you breast feed, the baby eats for free! Just make sure that you have a really cute nursery and cute clothes. That's top priority right? Obviously I feel that way ; ) hehehehe that was a joke!


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