Sunday, August 17, 2008

A talent I have

We learn in church about how everybody has different talents and all of those talents are equally valuable. I've always argued that if they're all equally valuable, then I should get to pick the ones I want. Really? They expect me to believe that the "voice of an angel" talent and "cleaning dishes" talent are equal? Do I look that stupid?

Well, today I've realized yet another overlooked talent that I have. Drumroll please......

Being sick.

Seriously, I'm really good at it. Sure I whine. Sure I get absolutely nothing productive done. Sure I am totally and completely useless. But that's the point of sick, right?

Before Josh and I got married he told me he couldn't do throw-up so it would have to be my job when we had kids. He informed me that if that was a problem, it might be a deal breaker. I told him I don't vacuum or mop. We struck a deal. I thought I'd be getting the better end of the bargain because you vacuum much more often than you puke. Until today. I think I've puked enough times to even the whole thing out. And unfortunately my sweet husband vacuums more than once a month. That means a whole lotta pukin'.

On the positive side, I have everything I could need/want when I'm sick. I'm equipped with the sicky blanket. Josh's mom made it for us when we got married, and although she didn't intend it to be a germ infested sicky blanket, it's the one we always reach for. It's warm, and bright colors, and since we're always sick it in, it always smells like laundry detergent. Wrapping up in it feels like being taken care of by your mom, even when she's not there. And that's good.

I finished that vampire book, and started in on Emma....again. I still have half a case of Ramen (classic sicky food), and a bag of popsicles. We have cable (which means What Not To Wear is always on), and an ever growing collection of Disney movies.

With all of these tools, plus a laptop and a weeks worth of blogging to do, I'd say I made a pretty good sicky. Here's hoping I perfect the art today and I don't have to practice more tomorrow.


  1. maybe your pregnant!!

  2. Being sick is no fun! I hope you feel better soon! Oh and my husband doesn't do throw up either.


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