Sunday, August 31, 2008

Why do we need the rain, anyway?

Sometimes I think I was accidentally born in the wrong place. When I moved out to go to school, I lived with people from Washington for like 3 years. Before that I really loved rain, but after living with them, I REALLY loved rain.

I remember one afternoon specifically when Jamie and I decided to go on a walk in the rain (which is something we always did when it rained) and wandered around the avenues, and when we came back, instead of rushing inside to take a long hot shower, we just sat out on the lawn in the rain. It poured and we were SOAKED by the time we came inside hours later. I don’t even remember what we talked about, but we had a fantastic time talking, spilling our guts, telling our secrets, and smelling/feeling the rain.

Today kinda feels like that. Josh and I played some games this afternoon, then it started to rain. Somehow I convinced him to come on a walk with me. We wandered around our neighborhood holding hands and not caring that we were getting soaked.

OK I didn’t care that we were getting soaked, and Josh’s part of the conversation sounded like “ Are we done yet?”, “it’s cold, please can we go home now?”, “are you sure this is fun?”, “what about pneumonia (pronounces like P-NO-NIAH)?”

After a little positive encouragement from me (“oh brother you big baby!”, “YES this is fun. You like it”, “no we cannot go home. Not until you like this!”, “there’s no such thing as p-noh-niah”) he started to see how great it is. Once we got back inside and warm, that feeling of talking forever and enjoying the sound and smell of the rain kicked in.

It’s been raining for like 3 or 4 hours now (which is extraordinarily long) and I’m scared to get out of the love sac in case it stops by the time I get back to my comfy seat by the big window. Since we have our little balcony, I can open our biggest window in the living room, and let the smell and cool air in without drenching the carpet. The lightning and thunder have been beautiful, the rain stopped smelling like Utah Lake, and my air conditioner doesn’t have to be on for me to want my blanket

This is hands down my favorite season in this state. I love it.

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