Sunday, December 7, 2014

Dear The Internet

For the first time ever. (I mean really, EVER!) I have Christmas cards! (please hold your applause, something even MORE amazing is coming)

Know why?

Because I have FAMILY PICTURES!!!! (which I love)

Know why?

Because I let the boys (Tommy really, he's more tightly wound than John right now) do their own hair and choose their own shoes and their eyes aren't all bloodshot from crying and lashing and being all crazy!

Know why?

Because all that therapy is finally paying off and I realized that my family finds me much more tolerable when I let them do (some of) the things they want.

And so, I give you..... (drumroll please....)

The Egbert Family Christmas Card:

(and the photos on the back)


  1. And we got ours in the mail and LOVED it and LOL'd over it. Because Joy (and stuff). :)

    Thank you! I'll be getting my (e)card out soon!

  2. Love love love!!! Your family pictures are so cute!!

  3. Y'all are absolutely adorable! Plus, your card is the first I have gotten this year. You're amazing!


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