Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Who loves you?

One of my favorite games to play with Little John is "who loves you" because he has the best (and longest) lists of people who simply adore him.

"annnn....Kate! annnn.....RyRy........annnnn Lulu annnnnn GarGar......annnnn......grummuh.......annnnnn........" the list goes on and on through all our family members and people he has seen the last 2 days and every now and then he'll throw in a random one. "annnnn ELMO!" And really Elmo loves everybody, so I suppose he's not wrong. And who would bother to correct him anyway? 

Last night as we were driving home the boys were bugging each other so Josh started a conversation with Little John. Josh would name an animal and Little John would say something about it. 

"A fish"
"goes [insert kissy fishy face and accompanying squeaky sound here]"
"A bat"
"goes WINGS, 'side down" (as in "UPside down - but I think we can all agree that "up" is superfluous)
"A spider"
"up a water spout....down came the rain and WASH-A-PIDAH out!"
"An owl"
"Ow-ul scare me"
"A hippo"
"Eat grass"

I have no idea where he learns these fun facts, or why he's afraid of owls, but he is. Terribly horrible afraid of owls. He loves to climb on things and jump off them, pick up ants ants and spiders, and hide in dark and scary places in the house. But if you ask him "what's scary" he'll tell you with his most serious face - every time. "Ow-uhls scary and dragons scary." So...there's that.

The best news about October is that Little John is scared of Halloween (except the part about his birthday) and it's birthday month and everybody around here loves that. Because really, what's not to love?

Welcome October. 

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