Thursday, January 24, 2008

Temples shall dot the earth

Last night I drove to American Fork so my sister could dye my hair (thanks Sarah!) for free. I have to say I believe it is well worth it because every time I go to a salon I get grumpy. One time when I lived with Chelsea at the Business College we went to fancy place in the mall to get our hair cut because she knew somebody who worked there and it was going to be super-cheap and we were poor. We went to this place, and the girl that cut our hair was just getting back from doing a live makeover on the news. She was all pumped and "LOVING" the makeover she just did.

I am a generally easy person to get along with, and I'm really not over-protective of my hair. Usually when the hair stylist asks what I want I say "it's just gross on the end, so just a trim, maybe some layers, whatever works." and then they use their creative genius and I look beautiful (using the term loosely) at the end of it. So, this time when she asked I did the same thing. "I don't really care, it's just long and gross and needs to be cut." Keep in mind I look I'm pretty sure I was wearing a skirt (I had to go straight to work), and a sweater and I looked like a nice little relief society lady. This girl has SHORT (like boy-short) blond (white) hair with some hot pink streaks in it and a nose ring. Now I'm not one to judge a book by it's cover, but I should've thought this through.

"Ooooh....this will be fun! I just gave this really cute haircut live on TV and it was amazing, and she looked like a rock star after! It's amazing and you have perfect hair for it. Can we try something new?"
"sure." I responded, I'm not one to disagree or argue unnecessarily, and truthfully I could probably use a little more "rock star" in my life. So I went with it.

Little did I know that "rock star" in her book was "mullet" in mine! This woman seriously gave me a mullet! She cut this top layer really short, and left me with a long ugly tail - then styled it with bangs coming all to one side (I believe she used the term "swooping"). Oh it was ugly. SOOO ugly. And she put lard in my hair (read: palmade) and it was so gross I wanted to vomit. Anyway, Chelsea got a haircut that wasn't quite as extreme as the mullet, but she wasn't really pleased either. So much for our fancy salon experience! I went to work and pulled it up (as much as possible, but the short part of the mullet wasn't long enough to tie up - so I had a mullet in a pony tail) until I got home. At which point I made Chels cut it off with kitchen scissors. I felt much better, it was still mullet-y, but much better. Since then I've learned my lesson - it's better to have an untrained roommate/sister you trust do your hair than a trained psychopath rock star. Thus the trip to American Fork.

Since I was so close to my parents house, I stopped by for a quick visit and to drop off some stuff. On my way home. I realized that driving from my parent's house in Lindon to my house in North Salt Lake, I see 4 existing temples (Mt. Timp, Jordan River, Salt Lake, Bountiful) on the way. That is only a 40 minute drive! That means that there is a temple roughly every 10 minutes along I-15! If that isn't dotting the earth (or at least dotting Utah) I don't know what is. With the 2 in Draper/South Jordan under construction we'll have 6 that close together. And it's not like you have to drive far to get to others.

Last night happened to be creepy and nasty and the air was smoggy and red and weird - but on a clear night, you see every one of those temples from the freeway. It's not like this is news, or anything, but it kinda hit me last night that we live in the last days, and we are incredibly blessed to live in Utah in the last days. It's just not like that everywhere.....Yet.

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  1. Thanks for rubbing in it (the living in UT thing)! ;)
    For real though, it is amazing. And here, we live NOT in UT and we can get to the temple in less than 5 minutes from our house. AMAZING!


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