Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sleepless overs

A long long time ago - when I was a little girl (OK, it wasn't really that long ago, but that's how my mom always used to start her "when I was a little girl" stories, so it felt appropriate.), my sister taught me about sleepless overs.

Every time I was having a sleepover, when it was time to go to bed, my daddy would come downstairs (where my friends and I were up giggling and playing) he would kindly, but firmly, remind us that we asked if we could have a SLEEPover, and that it was very clear that part of the deal required us to sleep. He would turn out the lights, and we'd slowly fall asleep. My dear sister, Katy, finally caught on and started asking if she could have sleepLESSovers. She's smart, of course my parents would still say yes, and I think she still slept some...

Needless to say, my sister is one of the best sleeplessover companions on the planet. We went down on Friday night to hang out and play games. She made us yummy pizza (it was fancy, you could tell by the herbs on top of the toppings...) we played games with my parents, with ourselves, and just when it was getting late, we started talking about the soundtrack to Dan In Real Life, we turned it on, and listened to the credits a couple of times, which lead to a conversation about Steve Carrell, which of course lead to a conversation about The Office. Somehow they've only seen an episode or 2. I've seen almost all of them because I borrowed the seasons from Jamie & Cameron, and watched like 4 full seasons in 1 week.

Well, one thing lead to another, and at about 12:30 in the morning, I went to buy the first season at Walmart, and we watched the whole thing before going to bed at 4 in the morning. It was hilarious. Kate and Rand are fun to watch movies with because they laugh at the right parts, and they don't tell you that you're wicked for laughing at the wicked parts.

In the morning, we all ate breakfast (Kate's a real good cook), and while we were eating Ryann randomly started doing all of the actions to "5 little monkeys". She was SO animated, and it was hilarious! We got her to do 1 verse almost as good as she did during breakfast, but I'm struggling with the video upload, so you have to watch it crooked (if anyone knows how to rotate the video, and still have it in a video format instead of WMM format, let me know!). Anyway, it just goes to show that my family is the coolest family on the planet.

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