Thursday, June 26, 2008

Book Group

Last night book group was at my house. Which turned out to be really quite fun. This month's book was "The Host" by Stephanie Meyer.

It started at 7:00 - so I rushed home to make ice cream and get our house looking clean and pretty. Josh (thank goodness for amazing husbands) came home after an incredibly frustrating commute (it took him like an hour to get home when it should've been 15 minutes) and helped me with EVERYTHING. He'd done the shopping so we had ingredients, he vacuumed (my most hated chore), he helped pick up clutter, then helped me make the ice cream. He's seriously amazing. Then while the ice cream was freezing, we sat and waited for people to show up.

At 7:05 Josh asked if everybody was normally late. I said yes.
At 7:11 Josh asked how many people would come. I said I didn't know.
At 7:15 Josh asked if I would be embarrassed if nobody came to my party. I said yes.
At 7:16 Josh asked how embarrassed I'd be - like should he go shopping for chocolate now, or would I be OK?
At 7:18 I told Josh I didn't care if nobody came because at least nobody would know that nobody came, and that was a good thing somehow...
At 7:20 I read my e-mail from the ward and realized it didn't start until 7:30. Whew! Side-stepped that one!

Anyway, at 7:30 people showed up, ate ice-cream and talked about the book. If you haven't read the book yet - you probably shouldn't read on because I'll probably ruin the ending. If you don't care, then feel free. :)

One girl in our ward, Rachel, absolutely HATED the book because she thinks it was immoral of Wanda to take over Melanie's body. Which I think is insane because "aliens taking over humans is immoral" just sounds crazy to me.

BUT when we talked about it more, I could see where she was coming from, and it lead to an interesting discussion. Once Wanda realized that her entire existence was based on something immoral, how quickly did she act? Rachel's point was that she should have immediately changed her ways, BUT I thought that she was no different from anybody else. The last time I recognized that I was doing something wrong in my life, I didn't immediately drop everything, sacrifice my entire race and all of my most sacred secrets. Well, OK that's never really happened to me, but I can't imagine immediately turning around and "betraying" my entire population. So, I was OK that it took her a while to figure out the best way to correct her actions. For Rachel, that period of time was unacceptable.

Anyway, all in all - I thought it was a good entertaining book. Not life changing, not obsession-worthy, just a good entertaining book that lead to some interesting discussions.

I love my ward, and I love our book groups - we have a fabulous time, and I LOVE the other people that come, it's my favorite "club" to be in.

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  1. You are Josh are hillarious. I agree with you on the "thank goodness for amazing husbands" If you would have invited me I would have come and I would have been there at 7 sharp! :)


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