Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Women at the Well

All of the wards in our area had a combined enrichment meeting last night. They had a group who presents Women at the Well with a slide show, and singers, and a little bit of narration, it was seriously beautiful.

There were 5 women who sang, each of them dressed in biblical clothes (long simple dresses and head coverings) and they each did an amazing job. It's funny, but I've heard the Women at the Well songs about 10 million times without realizing what they were all about. The tiny bit of narration before each one, combined with the slide show really made me understand the music, and I think that is easily my new favorite Sunday CD (maybe even better than EFY......).

One of the women who was singing was probably one of the most beautiful people I've ever seen in real life. She looked a lot like my Aunt Val, and every time she sang, it was like you could see straight through her eyes to her soul . It was truly amazing.

I was sitting by a friend from the ward, so I tried hard not to cry because I would've been embarrassed, but it was such an incredible performance, it took some effort to contain my emotion. I am so glad that I get to go to events like this in the middle of the week - what a great organization I belong to!

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