Monday, June 16, 2008


This weekend we headed down to St. George to play and hike and relax. Which we did.

On our way down I just kept thinking of so many people I love....

When we drove by Scipio and Kanosh I had to think of Hailey, my old roommate. On my first real road trip (to Arizona where she's from) I thought we'd die laughing so hard at the dumb Utah city names. Now I can't see either one without thinking of Hailey.

When we drove by Cedar City, I had to fight to not pull off ask someone if they knew where Stick lived, fortunately I remembered that (1) it probably wouldn't do any good, since that's not her real name, and for some reason I can NEVER remember what her real name is when I need to and (2) it's probably not polite to just drop by un-announced because we happened to be driving by the city that she lives in.

Of course when we got to St. George, I had to remember the fabulous trips Josh and I have had there (honeymoon and 1st anniversary). I also remember Tuacahn with Grandma Huggie every time we go which is great.

The red rock makes me think of Blair, a friend from high school who took the time to teach my why "red rocks" are prettier than "normal rocks".

Spanish Fork reminds me of Courtney Clement for reasons that will remain un-published.

Fillmore makes me think of my little brother because his best friend (who wanted to marry me until he turned 10 and realized he had options) moved there and I remember how hard that must have been.

Toquerville, some guy I worked with because he was from there and we made fun of him from it. Also reminds me of Kendal Allen because he's from somewhere like that too.

Anyway, as much as I love and miss all of those people, we had a fabulous time with our sister Misty and her new fiance. Here are some of the pictures, from the highlights of Zion National Park.

Me on a rock - I was brave. Also, I'm sporting the new knock-off cambelbacks we bought at Big 5 (best purchase of our married lives...). We took that same picture when we were there last year (on the right). This year was much more clear (last year the whole place was burning down and we had a "smoke cover") you may not think it's a big deal, but this rock scares me to death. This year I went like 2 steps closer to the edge than last year. :) I'm trying NOT to notice that I've gained like 50 pounds in 1 year....ugh....too depressing.

This is Josh wading in the highest of the Emerald Pools. He's wearing his new hat...

You'd think this is Josh swimming, but since there is a clear sign stating that there should be no swimming in the Emerald Pool, I'd like to clarify that he's just wading.....up to his neck.

Who knew that cactuses had such beautiful flowers! These were growing right out of the rocks!
You think Josh looks stoned here, he's not. He thought it would be funny to do a funny picture, only he was so tired that he couldn't think of anything funny, so this is what we got. :) I made him go on a walk with me after hiking all day......


  1. You guys are sooooo cute!!! It looks like you had oodles of fun!

  2. I'm so jealous, I wanna play with you!!

  3. You should have stopped by! You do have my number, and I know where I live! I'm glad you guys had a fun time in St. George. You should stop in next time!


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