Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Saturday we had Josh's graduation party, which was a blast. We got up early because there was still so much to do (I'm still craving sleeping in.....I'm just not a morning person) started getting things ready, cleaning the house, making the food, running errands, etc.

People started calling to tell us they would be late on Friday night, so we were pretty sure that we had plenty of time, which turned out to be true. (thank goodness!) Josh's sister and her boyfriend came at the same time as the Egberts, so we started the party, ate food, hung out, played some games. My family slowly showed up, and hung out to play games for quite a while.

We got a new game Josh has been craving (Cloud 9) and we played that until we couldn't anymore. We also played Cahoots - which is a favorite of mine. I thought I would die laughing while we tried to get Josh to say "prickly porcupines predate prickly pare predecessors" like 100 times, he never did it quite all the way out. Even after someone said it out loud, he couldn't spit it out.

Josh got a bunch of somebody else's redbox machines dumped on him Friday night, (sometimes I love his boss......) so he had to work Saturday night. Which means I made Katy (my sister) go with me to our ward murder mystery dinner. My ward is really cool - instead of doing flags or a car wash or something lame for our scout fund rasier, they put on this dinner, which was seriously fantastic.

In all, it was a great Saturday!

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