Saturday, January 12, 2008

It's official

Last night Josh picked me up and we came home from work with no plans. Seriously zero plans. That was weird, after a month of parties every night and not being home EVER, it was weird to come home and realize that not only did we have no plans, we had no work. Eerie if you ask me. Josh had no homework, I vowed not to work from home on a Friday night and wait until Saturday morning when he'd be in school, so we really truly had the night off. It was much needed.

We moved into our home exactly 2 weeks ago today. And I still love it, a good sign right? It's take more than that to get everything taken care of - change our address with everybody who cares, and learn how to drive to work without getting stuck in traffic for an hour. We're still adjusting, but I must say I think we're doing quite well.

Last week we tried and tried to get everything done, but it just wasn't possible. Finally at the end of the week we cornered the people as USPS and they told us how to get our mail. The nice people from whom we purchased this house were kind enough to leave a mail key, but we had no idea which box was ours. We have those big community boxes at the entrance to our neighborhood and in our neighborhood there are like 9 or 10 stacks of boxes.

I called the post office and they said we have to ask the North Salt Lake post office. That made sense, so I called them. They told me I have to physically walk my butt into the post office and they'll give me a new key because they have to rekey it when somebody moves. So, when Josh and I were picking up our car last week, we stopped at the post office to get a key. We waited in line at the TINIEST post office I've ever seen (1 counter, 1 VERY OLD VERY slow man) for like 10 minutes and then got to the front and he told us that the Bountiful post office would handle it because they do all of the big stuff. Growing up in Lindon, I'm well aware that often government agencies share small towns - so I was good with that. I sent Josh to Bountiful where he was told to please fill out this form and we'll get you a key in the next couple of days (not counting weekends of course). So, we figured we'd have our key by Tuesday at the latest. Well, on Wednesday I figured we'd give them the benefit of the doubt, and if it wasn't under our mat (as the sheet he filled out instructed) I'd call them. I called them first thing Thursday morning and they said it was on their schedule to do tomorrow (being yesterday) wow! A whole week to give us a key to a mailbox. I love the government! You think it's boring READING about no mail key? It's worse to experience. Plus, I don't really like the post office's hold music, not my style.

FINALLY after a week of waiting, last night we got our mail key. Only problem was that it didn't come with anything saying which box was ours. Spot the irony? Yes, we are back where we started, with keys, without direction. So, Josh and I decide to walk over to the boxes and see if we could find any kind of labeling on the locks that would correspond with the key number. We walked over and saw 10 sets of boxes. The number on our key (2999c1) didn't make any sense of course. So, Josh decided to just start trying the key and figure out which one it opened. I laughed because he literally started in the middle of one of the boxes - I figured that I may as well start helping out, and logically started with an end box and went through them systematically starting with the first box. Meanwhile I'm laughing at Josh because he's randomly putting his key in some random boxes in no logical order at all. I hadn't put my key in 2 boxes when he shouted out "got it!"
"Are you serious?" I laughed
"Sure, why not?" He's confused as to why I'm asking.
"You just randomly picked some and HAPPENED to put your key in the one out of 180 boxes that it could have been?" I'm seriously laughing out loud now.

We pulled out a LOT of mail. Not checking your mail for 2 weeks really makes a difference! It was like winning the lottery, we just kept pulling stuff out of the box! It was great. Since it was Josh's birthday he had 2 birthday cards (1 from grandma and one from the Fugals in Washington) and I got some shirts I ordered, a kraft foods magazine, a bunch of bills, the bill of sale to our house, some insurance cards, and the checks that have our real live address on them. Quite the haul! :) While mail may be ordinary and unexciting to some people, this week it was quite the adventure for us. I think it's the last thing we needed to feel like we really really live here. :) It's official that we live here and we own a home. It's a fantastic feeling.

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