Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Josh!

Today after running errands all day long and turning in our keys to the old house, we decided that we should have Josh's family over for his birthday dinner today. So, we rushed through things and decided to have navajo tacos for dinner. I've never made scones before, but I thought I'd just buy a scone mix and it would be no big deal. It turns out that everybody I know (Josh's mom and Jamie) have scone mix in their cupboards - but nobody sells the stuff! I went to Albertson's and they didn't have it, so I called Jamie to see where she got it. Smith's. So we went to Smith's and they didn't have any. Then we were late, so I decided I would just have to look up a recipe online and try to make them from scratch. While we were at each store, Josh made sure that I had all of the other ingredients to make scones.

"Do you know what else it will need?"

"Umm...most stuff like that (bread) takes flour, sugar, salt, yeast, eggs, and butter. Not a whole lot else. We have plenty of all of those things."

"You're sure? We have enough of all of those things?"

"Yes dear. I'm sure" I'm starting to feel superior. And this statement somehow came out with a 'duh' tone. As if I don't know what's in my own kitchen! Insulting.

At the next store we repeated the same conversation - only I got the duh tone in my voice a lot earlier - like starting with "umm".

We got home and I found a recipe while Josh cleaned the rest of the house. I found a recipe and got started - guess what, it called for 4 cups of flour, turns out I needed to at least double the recipe and I have a grand total for 7 1/2 cups of flour in my house.

I have to say that had our roles been reversed I probably would have gloated and/or told Josh that it's amazing to me that he can be asked the same question over and over again and not even think the through what we really have. Unlike me, Josh was patient and kind and made his little sister go in search of the grocery store, because the last time I did that I was gone for an hour. :)
It was a good thing too, because the recipe only called for 4 cups, but really needed like 5 1/2. Anyway, after Josh's mom helped me add the right amount of flour they turned out really good. The navajo tacos were a big success, and then we played apples to apples. This is the Reilley clan.
Hope his birthday tomorrow is good, even though we have to go back to work. Boring - but I guess that's part of being a grown up. Happy birthday anyway.

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