Monday, January 7, 2008

Fugal party

We had all of my family up last night for Josh's birthday dinner again. We had quite the party. Here are all of the pictures if you'd like to see them all. We played Cahoots which was hilarious. There is a category called "sound off" where it lists something and you have to make the sound, no words, no actions, just make the sound until your team guesses what it is. I got a fishing reel, Katy got a hair dryer - I wish I knew how to spell the sounds we were making, but I don't. It was great. We had a fantastic time.

We ate, remembered best, and played games. It was fantastic. I love my family, and I was really glad they could all come.
It's also amazing to me how much I love my house! Having people over makes me love it even more. My kitchen is big enough to cook in, and clean up is easy because I have a dishwasher. I also have a big fat room for people to sit and play in, I'm excited about it. I love my house! I love being here, and I love everything about it! As soon as all of my pictures are hung, I'll post some pictures, but for now, just know that it has 3 times the cupboard space, twice the counter space, a dishwasher, and a big fat fridge! It's beautiful.


  1. I can't wait to see the pictures, it sounds so amazing. I'm especially jealous of the kitchen. Mine is itty-bitty and makes cooking not so fun.

  2. okay, three words: BOOOOOM! HOOOOOOONK! Dishwasher :) That is seriously the funnest game :)


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