Friday, January 11, 2008

5 simple words

Yesterday I woke up feeling icky. Physically icky. I got ready and came to work and started doing my normal stuff. When I went upstairs to scan some stuff and try to fix Gabe's books, Neil looked at me and said "I like your hair today. It's cute." I was kinda caught off guard, my hair was in a braided pony tail. And parted on the wrong side. But it seriously made my day!

Neil is about my age, he has a wife and a very cute little boy. He is funny, and sometimes he drives me nuts. A lot of times I don't think he's the greatest person on the planet, but that seriously made my day. I was in a great mood the rest of the day and physically felt better. For a while anyway. It's amazing me to me what 5 little words from someone who's opinion I don't particularly care out did to my day. I guess you just never know.

Yesterday Josh and I headed down to the hospital during lunch to see the beautiful new baby. We had a great time, AND Josh was kind enough to take me to subway on our way back. That was the first fresh real food I'd had for lunch in weeks, so it kinda made my day.

When I went back to visit Jamie and Cameron later, Chuls was on the phone - what a crazy flashback that was! Jamie and Chelsea and I all lived together, until I graduated and had to move, Chelsea decided to go back home, and Jamie got married. But, oh man we had fun together. Our conversation are probably like any other set of old roommates:

"Oh man, remember that time when we....."
"Remember the slurpee phase?"
"What are you up to now?"
"I can't believe it's been so long!"
"I talked to _______ the other day and she has a kid already? Crazy huh?!"

I realize that all of that stuff is probably normal, but it was WEIRD for me to have a conversation like that. I reminisce with Jamie all the time, but it was weird to hear those words coming out of my mouth, and actually caring about ________ having a kid. That's something old people do. It's weird to think that I miss my "old college roommates" and remember the good times. It's surreal.

My mom is still friends with some of her college roommates, in fact my dad's sister was one of them. I remember her hanging out with old roommates all the time, but she's like OLD and I'm not! I guess at some point I'll have to accept the fact that I'm an old grownup, but those little moments still throw me off which proves I'm not there yet.

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