Sunday, January 13, 2008

How many people do you know?

Josh and I went to Josh's mom's house for dinner today and it was quite fun. Always is. We took Imaginiff with us to play and hadn't ever played it before. So, we learned with them and it was really fun. It's a hilarious game, and I lost REALLY bad both times because I don't get his family. For example:

The question is: "imaginiff Amy were an emotion. Would it be: 1. Glee 2. Smug 3. Paranoid 4. Dread" (there are really 6 but I can't remember the others) then everybody votes and whichever words gets the most votes wins (each player voting that word moves forward on the board). I, thinking this is a game about honesty and forgetting I'm playing with my inlaws say Paranoid. Which I think is fairly accurate. Josh will attest to that. But everybody else says Glee because they are trying not to hurt my feelings! Ridiculous. I lose points. The next round is Megan (Josh's little sister who is easily the rebellious one in the family) and the question is about kisses on a first date. "Where would she plant it? 1. lips 2. cheek 3. hand 4. tonsils (and the others I can't remember)" I (now understanding that we're nice in the game) debate between lips and cheek, and finally decide lips is OK because the table talk going around is that "I guess we're being honest right?" Everybody else picked tonsils. I lose again. I just don't know the family rules that well! They're nice on some subjects, not on others, but only to some people! I definitely want a rematch in 10 years.

On the way home we talked about the game and thought it would be fun to play with another group of people too (that way I wouldn't lose so bad). We suggested Jamie and Cameron, but when we tried to think of 4 other "subjects" we both know, it was rough. If you don't have 8 people playing, you make up other subjects like famous people, other common friends, fictional characters, etc. We thought we could do batman and optimus prime, but then we ran out.

When we got home we talked about it more and I suggested that we play just with 2 of us.
"Who else would we put on the board?" Josh asked, laughing.
"Jamie, Cameron, and Batman." I quickly responded - that'll show him! We totally have friends!
"And....." he waited
"umm.....that's only 5 huh?"
We both started laughing when we realized that we only know 5 people including ourselves and Batman. It took a while to realize we both know our families, but excluding our families, we seriously don't know 6 other humans. Not even well enough to play an imaginary game and imaginary circumstances. That's pretty sad. Maybe now that we're in a new ward we'll be brave enough to make some new friends, but I doubt it. Maybe we can convince Jamie and Cameron to play with us even though they have a new baby now.


  1. If it makes you feel any better, besides our families and you guys we don't know anyone either :) We used Napolean Dynamite for one of our other people :)

  2. I love that game! That's it, you guys seriously have to come down and play games with us!

  3. Aubrie, We totally need to play games sometime - you know Batman right? Because since he'd the only other person Josh and I know, we'll have to use him. :)

  4. We're also fairly fluent in Spiderman, too. So that gives us six names to use...


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