Sunday, August 21, 2011

Spruces: Day 1

Remember how camping with your parents means built-in babysitters?

Is anyone else freaked out by the fact that Tommy is as high as  Grandpa's waist?

That's only one reason we had so much fun this weekend.

Tommy was in heaven approximately .2 seconds after we got out of the car and Tado showed him how to jump across the river.

"See Tommy? You just bend your knees and jump! Like this."

"Yay Tado!"

It only got better when Dad showed up and showed him how to walk across the log balance-beam style to get to the other side.

This campsite was awesome, with the water far enough away to keep Tommy safe, but close enough that people* were still willing to take him down there to throw rocks.
And sticks.
And dirt.
And mud.
And sand.
And pinecones.
And dead bugs.
And, and, and.....

*People is code for not his parents. We spent loads of time down at the water with him, but we made significantly fewer trips to the river than anybody else there. Go us!

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