Monday, August 22, 2011

Camping: Day 2

On Friday morning we made all the early risers (aka anybody who was up and bored by 9:30) hike to Doughnut Falls. We all remember how much we love Doughnut (Donut?) Falls right?

As usual Tommy was the center of attention.

But how can he not be when he does things like this the whole way up?

It turns out this hike is perfect for Tommy because at the top there are enough rocks to throw in water to last as long as the adults can stand to sit around watching. Which is a surprisingly long time.

Because it's beautiful and cool down at the base of the waterfall.

While we were there we learned that Tommy has superhuman strength.

Which came in handy when it was time to stop Grandpa from leading us home.

Somehow Tommy wound up barefoot on this trail.....again.

When we got back to camp everybody was thirsty and tired, so we drank and napped. Oh what a beautiful thing. 

After some games, and fire, and stretching, and more rock throwing down at the "otter. otter? otter?!" (water) we ate a new (to me) dutch oven meal which will definitely go on my list of "things we must eat while camping". Have you ever tried stacked dutch oven enchiladas? Yummy. Unfortunately this means we'll have to extend our camping trips by a day. Because there simply isn't enough time to eat all of our standard meals plus the new ones Josh's mom is always introducing. Note to Self: Request Mom-Reilley's dutch oven cook book as our inheritance.

Fortunately we also learned that peach cobbler is good with what can only be called ice-cream soup. Maybe because it was dark and camping, maybe because HELLO?!?! IT'S COBBLER AND ICE CREAM! What's not to love?

Day 2 = smashing success.


  1. Love to camp and more important is the dutch cooking. Hubby loves to do that and has mastered a lot. Check out some of the recipes I add from time to time on my other blog..The Bunk House. click here
    Take a look around, wed love for you to sit a spell!


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