Monday, August 29, 2011

Power Shift

As a general rule Tommy is the king of this castle. He has free reign and dictates what we do and when. For the most part that's OK with me because he has pretty good taste.

But I think Little John has started to notice and is fighting back. Today he wants to be the boss, so to teach Tommy a lesson he disallowed us from going to playgroup by forcing me to my knees to revisit the first trimester.

Poor Tommy has no idea what hit him. He just knows that his mommy doesn't care what he does in the living room while she's making horrible noises in the bathroom.

He did "happies!" all over the magna doodle and tried (unsuccessfully) to branch out to the walls.

He has evaluated our entire DVD collection and deemed a few unworthy of a continued existence in our home.

He "read" yesterday's paper and tried out his skills as a shredder. (I see a future career.)

He discovered that he can take the top off his special cup for goldfish crackers. Then he rediscovered that goldfish crackers go crunch when you put your toes on top of them and push real hard.

All of these tasks were completed happily and without tears. Calmly. Quietly. Gladly.

Meanwhile I discovered that I really don't care much about the carpet or paper or the DVD collection.

And we're all learning that The Reign of Tommy is nearly over, and Little John is gonna change everything. Which is strange because this time around (unlike last time) I'm not quitting my job or rearranging my house or buying thousands of dollars of baby stuff.


  1. Sorry you are sick.

    My kids ground goldfish crackers onto our wood floor while I was pregnant and the smell made me so sick, I still have not bought them again.

  2. Feel better.

    I will get Johnny in TROUBLE when he gets here, because he's bein' NAUGHTY!

    P.S. About the stuff: It's amazing how little the stuff matters. :)

    Love you!


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