Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Spruces: Day 3

Our last day started off right with a delicious gourmet breakfast provided by Megan and Tayler.

Seriously it was way better than any breakfast I ever eat at home.

And while they worked and slaved over a hot stove, the rest of us sat around and enjoyed the view.

The best part of camping might be the morning. I love the cold camping air, the sun coming through the trees, the smell of warm campfire, the fact that all of the morning jobs are man-jobs.

After breakfast Tayler got out his totally awesome car. Tommy kept his distance at first....

....but before too long he got brave and sat right next to Tayler...

.....and the two of them drove the car all over the place.

After cleanup we said bye to all the trees, and the rocks, and the sticks, and the water, and the leaves, and the pinecones, and the balls, and the friends, and the people, and the chipmunks, and.....and......and......

Miraculously Tommy didn't fall asleep on the way home (thanks to my incredibly entertaining stay-awake tactics) and even more miraculously neither did Josh.

It's now been 3 days and none of us smell like smoke. We packed up all of our camping gear for the rest of the summer and settled into the fact that school is starting and all our fun is over.


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