Monday, August 15, 2011


Tommy loves to make all the animal sounds. But for some reason he can't quite tell the difference between a horse and a cow. Plus he thinks that "moo" is more fun (or easier?) to say than "neigh".

That's why he thinks all horses say "mooo".

Also why I think it's so fun to take him places like Thanksgiving Point's Farm Land.

Fortunately my 2nd cousin, Gina, was nice enough to let us tag a long with her and her adorable son Aiden last week.

Poor Aiden couldn't figure out why Tommy wanted to stare at those boring cows for so long.

But he was all to happy to show him how to go in and out the doorway and windows of the tiny house.

We loved the wagon ride and especially loved that going back to ride it meant we got to wash our hands again. osh. osh. osh. 

But the real fun came when we got ice cream cones and Tommy & Aiden started to play together. Tommy would have chased him around this tree for hours. Plus Aiden taught Tommy how to play "I See You!" which is Tommy's new favorite game and makes him crack up laughing every time.

These 3rd cousins loved each other so much, we'll definitely have to get them together again soon!


  1. Hes really growing up fast. So sweet!

  2. This is by far my favorite post on your blog! :)


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