Thursday, August 4, 2011


My 7th grade English teacher once described our class as "full of extreme Type-A personalities". She then explained that it meant that even though we were still good people we would probably stay up all night the night before every paper was due for the rest of our lives.

At the time I thought that meant all Type-A people  were procrastinators. I also thought that Type-A was more like a blood type than a personality trait that can technically be overridden by common sense.

Now that I'm not in school and have no finals or projects or papers to leave until the last minute, I leave all the summer-fun until August to fulfill the procrastinator inside me.

We only have 2 non-working weekends left before school starts.
Only 3 weeks.
Only a few opportunities to swim, bike & hike around.
Just a few days to cram in all the things we've been "planning" to do all summer.

That's why next week we'll be heading out for at least 3 playdates with friends we've been meaning to get together with since school got out in May.
And why Josh & I are no longer allowed to "just hang out here doing nothing" every evening.
Any why we are cramming in as much Jack Bauer as possible.
And why we probably won't bother putting the swim stuff away again - because if it isn't drying, we're wearing it.

I could pretend that the summer was too short and we simply didn't have enough time for all we wanted to do, but the truth is that if we had spread out all our fun things over the whole summer instead of leaving it all for the end, we probably could have done it all.

Mrs. Jensen is probably out there looking at the ground, shaking her head, muttering something about "I tried to tell her...."

The silver lining of course, is that the next 3 weeks will probably be the most fun 3 weeks anybody has ever had. Ever. In their whole lives. Certainly kicks the pants off an English project all-nighter.

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  1. I hear you! I'm feeling the panic as well. I also had Mrs. Jensen and loved her!


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