Wednesday, August 24, 2011

NBE Countdown

This morning Josh and Tommy wanted to come with me to see Dr. Man.

In truth I think they wanted to come with me to my traditional Keva & Great Harvest stop on the way home from Dr. Man's office. But I like to tell myself it was about me. They LOVE me.

Either way the two of them accompanied me to Dr. Man's office this morning.

Dr. Man came in to find NBE's heartbeat which sounds strong even when it's smothered with the small talk of our summer plans and Josh starting school again. How can Dr. Man find a heartbeat while we're all talking over the fuzz of the radio-machine? He has a gift.

Tommy was OK with the whole situation until Mean Nurse Lady walked in with a needle in her hand. Somehow he has a negative association with women in scrubs holding needles. I can't imagine why. He squirmed and cried and tried to escape from Josh's lap while Mean Nurse Lady sucked the life out of me through the needle. Sometimes it is simply amazing to me how much my child loves me. He would've taken Mean Nurse Lady out if Josh had let go of him. As soon as my blood was adequately drawn for the glucose test, Tommy scrambled up onto the exam table with me.

I showed him my cool blue arm band and he wept and asked me to "hoade-ewe-up-aye!" (hold you up high) so I snuggled him and we got ready to go look at the Nemo fish. Dr. Man actually has Nemo in his office. Have I mentioned how great Dr. Man is? He's great.

Tomorrow Dr. Man's receptionist will call and tell me that I don't have diabetes. That's the deal NBE and I have made. Then in a few more weeks we'll go back and hear that beautiful heartbeat again. Until then I have strict orders feed & grow that baby.

Because at 30 weeks that's all NBE has to do. Grow. And move every day.

Wait a second, did you catch that?
30 weeks.
That's right we can officially start the countdown because I have enough fingers to count how many weeks are left in this pregnancy.

I'm not exactly sure how that happened, but apparently 30 weeks have passed, summer is almost over, and this baby will be here before we know it. Here's hoping I manage to get ready for him before he shows up. On the other hand, being unprepared seems to be the key to guaranteeing he's here before his due date.....


  1. Amy - Is it really that close already? I can't believe it! Let the countdown begin! I'm curious, have you named this NBE yet? Or is that top secret stuff?

  2. I'm bad at keeping secrets, so no. It's not top secret. :) We have been through a bunch of names and none of them seem to fit after we say them for a while. He was David, then he was Nick, then he was something else. This week I'm really loving John. But I've been in love with names before..... :D


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